He had just stepped onto the platform from the train, suitcases in hand and his receipt clutched barely in his teeth, and was looking for the time when he was bumped from behind.  He turned to address the person responsible, and found that he was late for his exams.  The classroom was almost empty, and it seemed to be past the time for school.  Dusk was approaching as the proctor walked toward the desk, and instead of dropping a light-blue notebook and test sheet onto the desk, he reached down and took the pencil from the surprised pupil.  Moving the pencil from the one hand with the other, and positioning it just so, the proctor let the pencil drop to the floor.  The man was stunned, and it was here that the proctor leaned over as though to retrieve the instrument, and whispered into his ear, as much supplication as threat,  “Why don’t you show me how you feel?”


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