bad people

There are many different types of anger, evil, pissed-offedness, etc.  The list below has been created with these types in mind.  Please feel free to add or subtract in the comments.  I have left out (mostly) historical figures for fairly obvious reasons.

Have a bad attitude just generally:

1.) Ty Cobb

2.) Goldfinger

3.) Michael Myers

4.) Mohawk guy from The Road Warrior

5.) The disgusting guy from Grease who is a member of the Scorpions

6.) Rowdy Roddy Piper, when he was evil

7.) Kevin Spacey’s character in Seven

8.) Racist bathroom attendant guy in The Shining

9.) Dmitri Karamazov, The Brothers Karamazov

10.) Leopold and Loeb

Have a big problem with how things seem to be going down:

1.) Alexander Godunov’s evil blond terrorist guy in “Die Hard”

2.) Vincent D’Onofrio in “Full Metal Jacket”

3.) Tony Montana

4.) Stefano, Days of our Lives

5.) The one boss guy you have to fight at the end of the original Zelda

6.) Gary Busey in “Lethal Weapon”

7.) The Tea Party

8.) Tim Curry, Legend

9.) J. Jonah Jameson

10.) The guy in Edvard Münch’s The Scream

Have a giant bone to pick:

1.) Thulsa Doom, “Conan The Barbarian”

2.) Michael Corleone, The Godfather

3.) Ricardo Montalban, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

4.) The head Nazi with the leather overcoat in the first Indiana Jones movie

5.) Franz Kafka

6.) Lady Macbeth

7.) The Wicked Witch of the West

8.) Nietzsche

9.) Jason’s mother in the original Friday the 13th

10.) General Zod

…and the top five:

Have a fucking axe to grind:

1.) Satan, The Exorcist

2.) Clubber Lang

3.) God, pretty much the entire Old Testament

4.) The Emperor in Return of the Jedi

5.) Mumm-Ra, Thundercats


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